Summertime Home Maintenance Tips

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As the weather warms and the days get longer, homeowners look to beautify their properties and make important repairs. Get your home ready for summer and protect your investment with these seasonal maintenance tips.

Inspect your roof. 

Preparing your home for summer means protecting it from wind, sun and inclement weather. The first line of defense for any structure, the roof demands a close inspection to catch minor issues before they evolve into expensive problems.

Take a close look at your eaves and remove any loose debris. Look to see if any shingles are missing or peeling up. If you see any damage, schedule repairs to prevent leaks, which can lead to mold infestations. Inspect the metal flashing on your roof, which is usually found around skylights, vents and chimneys. If you aren’t comfortable with heights, you can always schedule a professional inspection by a reputable roofing contractor. 

Lastly, inspect your attic for mold, mildew or water stains which all point toward a leaky roof.

Clean your gutters. 

If you didn’t do it during the spring, clean out your gutters and downspouts, so water can drain freely. When leaves, debris and birds’ nests clog gutters, rainwater can back up and damage your shingles and underlayment. It can also pool around your home’s foundation, which can lead to sinking and shifting over time. 

Have your HVAC system inspected. 

As the temperatures rise, you’ll want to make sure your HVAC system is functioning properly. Invite a professional out to make sure the coils are clean, the fan is functioning well and make sure the wiring isn’t faulty. If your system isn’t functioning well, it will cause your home to feel less comfortable and increase your utility costs. 

Check your windows and doors. 

Drafty doors and windows can cause your AC to run nonstop, leaving you with an uncomfortable home and high energy costs. Make sure all of your doors and windows shut properly to maintain good climate control. Check the sealant around your windows and replace it if necessary. 

Summer is also a great time to consider installing ENERGY STAR-certified windows and doors, which can bring tax benefits while lowering household utility bills by an average of 12%

Tidy up your landscaping. 

Summer is an ideal time to beautify your home’s exterior and work on your green thumb. Consider adding some mulch to your garden and tree beds. This is an easy way to create a nice clean look while preventing weeds and locking in moisture. Take some time to prune trees and bushes to keep them from intruding on your home’s roof, exterior and central AC unit. 

While most people associate harsh weather with winter and spring, summer can also be hard on your home. Take the time to be an all-season homeowner and protect your property value for decades to come.

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