How to Make Your Yard an Outdoor Oasis

Warm weather is here, and that means it’s time to prepare your home for months of outdoor relaxation and entertainment. Whatever your spending limit, there are countless ways to enhance an outdoor living space and make it more enjoyable, functional and inviting. From backyard landscaping tips to clever design schemes, here are some easy ways to turn your home’s exterior into a welcoming respite for you and your family.

Add a fire pit.

When the sun sinks over the horizon, a fire pit becomes an alluring gathering spot that can double as the core of your decorative aesthetic. If you’re short on space, you can purchase a compact, portable fire pit or lovely chiminea, specifically designed for less-spacious patios. This is a quick, easy way to entertain guests, while adding some beauty and warmth to your outdoor space. 

Shade your comfort zones. 

If your backyard or patio lacks shade, think about adding umbrellas to block away sunlight. Available in an intriguing array of shapes and sizes, colorful umbrellas are a great way to add a compelling aesthetic to uninspiring outdoor spaces. These convenient accessories also make it easy for you to relax outside in the sun or amid a gentle spring storm, while you and your guests chat in a cozy, dry space.

Plant an herb garden.

Whether it’s rosemary, mint or some other fragrant variety, fresh herbs bring a pleasant combination of scents to your outdoor space. Most types are relatively easy to grow, even if you aren’t known for having a green thumb. They also fit nicely in compact pots or narrow stretches of dirt, so you don’t need much space to get started. Best of all, you can pinch off a few leaves whenever you need fresh seasoning for a meal.

Elevate your accessories.

You can significantly upgrade the look and feel of your outdoor spaces by adding plush cushions, accent lighting and floor coverings. Swap out your flimsy plastic resin furniture for griddle-like iron pieces, enhanced by comfy furnishings that echo the comfort and beauty inside your home. You can even include sheer fabric curtains to keep insects at bay, while adding a sense of intimacy and seclusion to open outdoor areas. 

Install a pergola.

Stained wood pergolas make outdoor dining areas feel cozier, while providing extra shade during hot summer days. These attractive outdoor features allow you to show off your unique style by adding mini chandeliers, sconces and other decorative accents. You can also hang strands of lights from your pergola, so the space remains active long after the sun has set. 

Add soothing sounds.

You can create the feel of a relaxing oasis by installing water features in your backyard. Or, if you have limited space, consider adding a small tabletop fountain to your patio area. The calming sound of trickling water will create a tranquil environment for sunbathing, reading or meditation. 

From simple upgrades to full-fledged renovation projects involving outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, there are all sorts of ways to make your home’s exterior an inviting oasis. Create a plan based on your interests and available budget, so you can expand your home’s living space and make your backyard the place to be this summer.

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