Get the Most from Your House with these Design Trends

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Thinking about updating the spaces in your home?  Here are some recent trends to inspire you.



Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. Make it a space that relaxes and inspires you with a few of our top bedroom design tips.

Add bold touches. Liven up a neutral bedroom with bright pops of color or eclectic accents. The latest bedroom design trends feature deep yet soothing color hues, unique fabrics like an upholstered headboard and vibrant textured rugs.

Plan dedicated spaces. If your bedroom doubles as an office, set aside an area of the room specifically for working (even if it’s just a small floating desk in the corner). Designing a dedicated workspace can help create a mental separation between productivity and rest.

See the light. Waking up to natural light is an instant mood-booster. Take full advantage by turning your bed to face the light source, if you have it. Aim for flexibility with lamp lighting, too; balance task-specific lamps (like bedside reading lights) with adjustable floor or wall-mounted lighting to create an overall atmosphere of warmth.



Looking for ways to brighten your bathroom? Check out some of the latest design trends and make your space a stylish sanctuary.

Mix traditional and modern. Don’t be afraid to juxtapose “old” and “new” in your bathroom design elements. Place a retro-inspired clawfoot tub against a sleek, bold tile backdrop, or give a mid-century modern vanity a contemporary upgrade with a ceramic vessel sink and brass taps.

Embrace patterns. Whimsical bathroom wallpaper (think birds, butterflies and flowers) offers an easy and relatively cost-efficient way to perk up a smaller space. Not ready to paper your entire bathroom? Consider creating an accent wall behind your vanity.

Keep it cozy. Warm woods and soft lighting can transform your bathroom into a serene retreat; soft printed rugs and a lush plant adds to the calming atmosphere. Even something as simple as placing a tray over your tub can encourage you to take a break and relax with a book at bathtime.



Thinking about refreshing your kitchen this year? Jump-start your plans with some of the latest trends and ideas in kitchen design – from bold colors to sophisticated storage solutions.

Colorful cabinets. Recent high-end kitchen design trends have evolved beyond standard white or neutral cabinetry to include more vibrant hues. Consider painting your cabinets a deep blue, earthy green or even a jewel-toned red, and add a more dramatic element to the space.

“Layered” elements. Don’t be afraid to mix and match textures and materials in your kitchen design. A copper sink looks gorgeous with rustic wood countertops; patterned wallpaper provides a stylish contrast to a sleek tile backsplash. Likewise, layering overhead and task lighting creates a warmer ambiance and keeps your space from looking too stark.

Open shelving. Installing an open or floating shelf declutters countertops while also adding an interesting visual element and showcasing pretty pottery and kitchenwares. Open shelves aren’t just for walls, either – they look great on kitchen islands as well.


Home Office

Whether you’re planning to run a business, work remotely or finally write that novel, you deserve a quality workspace. Here are some tips to help you design a home office that inspires productivity.

Don’t sacrifice form for function. Avoid creating a sterile workplace filled with storage, shelves and a desk. Your home office furniture should complement the other rooms in your home instead of shouting “soulless cubicle.” For instance, if your house has traditional décor, lay the foundation with some warm wood, a comfy love seat and some inspiring artwork.

Organize horizontally and vertically. Most home offices aren’t exactly swimming in square footage. Get office equipment and papers off your desk by hanging floating shelves on the walls. Metal and wooden cube storage is another fun alternative to traditional bookshelves since each space can be used for office supplies, books and various odds-and-ends.

Let there be light. Natural light energizes your body and invigorates your creativity. It also cuts down on headaches, eye strain and seasonal affective disorder. Just make sure you position your computer so there’s no glare from windows and place a small lamp on your desk for task lighting.



A child’s playroom should be inviting, stimulating and well organized. Make the most of your space with these playroom design ideas.

Install cubbies. Utilize vertical wall space by putting in toy cubbies. This is one of the most popular playroom storage ideas because it keeps floors clean. It also allows kids to easily access games, books or playsets without having to dig through boxes in a closet.

Create a chalkboard wall. Turn a potentially destructive habit into a rewarding activity with an erasable chalkboard wall. Whether you go with a peel-and-stick product or a thick coat of chalkboard paint, this is a great way to let your child decorate their playroom and practice their handwriting skills.

Add comfy seating. Whatever playroom design you choose, comfortable seating is essential. Keep it simple with small bean bag chairs or add a plush couch, floor cushions and large stuffed animals. You can also incorporate furniture with storage: think hollowed-out benches or ottomans with empty interior space.



As the weather warms, homeowners seek to enhance their outdoor spaces with popular backyard trends. These tips will help you extend your living space and make your backyard the place to be this summer.

Add invigorating colors. Inspired by Instagram trends, more and more people are adding color to outdoor areas. Bid farewell to plain wood or white picket fences and embrace vibrant hues, such as aqua, pink and other eye-catching colors that add energy and intrigue to your backyard space.

Install an outdoor kitchen. If you’re planning to sell your home sometime soon, you can boost property value by adding an outdoor kitchen. And if you’re planning to stay, they are a great way to entertain and impress friends and families with fancy smokers and grills, refrigerators, pizza ovens and natural stone counters.

Bring the indoors outside. One of the biggest backyard trends involves infusing exterior spaces with indoor warmth and coziness. You can get this look and feel by accessorizing protected outdoor spaces with lanterns, throws and bistro lights. You can even go beyond textiles and lighting by adding mirrors and sculptural pieces that create an outdoor living room.

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