Get Inspired by These 2023 Home Decor Trends

What’s trending in the world of home decor this year? Whether you’re planning a comprehensive refresh of your interior or you just want to incorporate a few subtle tweaks, we’ve pulled together some of this year’s most popular design ideas to inspire you.

Keep wellness in mind

Design that prioritizes self-care has steadily gained in popularity over the last few years, and the trend shows no signs of abating. Cultivating a space that encourages you to relax and recharge is good for your physical and emotional health – whether you’re setting aside a corner for daily meditation sessions or indulging in a mini refrigerator to keep your bathroom beauty products chilled. Wellness-focused design encompasses more than just furniture and appliances, though; from smart lighting that minimizes eye strain to color palettes inspired by the outdoors, you have an array of health-boosting options at your disposal.

Lean into sustainability

Environmental responsibility is always in fashion, and it’s becoming increasingly easy to incorporate earth-friendly elements into your design. Choose ethically sourced materials including recycled wood and cork for your furniture and floors; experiment with wool, hemp and other biodegradable fabrics for upholstery and accents.

Mix in some vintage

Another easy and sophisticated way to add a sustainable element to your home is to include vintage furniture or accents; it reduces waste while lending a truly unique touch. Mid-century modern (MCM) design continues to be especially popular, with its clean lines and soft curves. If MCM isn’t your speed, there are a number of other styles that will give your space a vintage flair; a Victorian accent chair or a French country bench can look stunning when combined with more contemporary elements.

Consider fun textures and patterns

“Hyper-textural” design is having a moment, with bouclé fabric in particular poised to become the next big thing. Made from looped yarn, this cozy, nubby texture provides an appealing counterbalance to minimalistic decor and lends itself well to rugs, furniture, throw pillows and blankets.

Another great way to bring texture into your decor is with wallpaper. Opt for grasscloth or even a stucco-style pattern to add instant dimension to your room, or give your bathroom a whimsical update with flowered wallpaper.

Go bold

Don’t be afraid to incorporate a few daring features in your interior. Eye-catching marble countertops liven up an otherwise muted kitchen; vibrant hues work well with rustic architectural styles. Just be careful that these elements don’t compete with other aspects of your design (or overpower them); aim for pieces that complement the overall tone while still making a statement.

Ultimately, design trends are only as good as they make you feel; your home decor should reflect your personality, regardless of whether or not it’s “in style”. That said, these trends offer a creative starting point – as well as endless opportunities for evolution and customization.

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