What Is an iBuyer?

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The growing desire for a simpler, more convenient real estate transaction has led to a new way to buy and sell homes. Called iBuyers or “instant buyers,” these companies provide a reliable, streamlined selling process that’s attractive to many homeowners. But not all iBuyer programs provide sellers with the flexibility to get the best price for their homes.

iBuying Explained

In essence, iBuyers provide sellers the option of a fast direct purchase from a real estate investment company as an alternative to the traditional direct-to-consumer sales process.

Instead of listing their properties on the open market, homeowners complete an online form with details about a home’s features and location. They then sit back and wait for an offer from the iBuyer. This can be especially attractive to sellers who want to sell quickly and avoid the complex real estate selling process. But some iBuyers provide greater benefits than others.

Choosing an iBuyer

While all iBuyers streamline the selling process, they don’t always give sellers the flexibility to sell their properties for optimal value. When deciding between potential iBuyers, it’s important for sellers to choose a company and program that provides broader options and the greatest peace of mind.

The RealSure Sell program, offered by ERA Real Estate, helps sellers cope with rigid timelines, contract cancellations, and other uncertainties that come with selling. An innovative iBuying option, RealSure Sell allows homeowners to sell their homes easier and buy new ones with confidence.

RealSure Sell brings sellers the peace of mind that comes with a guaranteed 45-day cash offer while they work with a trusted affiliated real estate agent to market their homes for an even better offer.

RealSure Sell’s Assured Close feature provides sellers with the flexibility to close on a third-party offer without having to worry about what they will do if the sale falls through.

Much more flexible than traditional iBuyer real estate programs, RealSure Sell provides sellers with expert guidance and the power to choose what works best for them, so they can feel confident in their decisions.

Similarly, the ERA Seller Security® Plan provides peace of mind to sellers who are concerned about what might happen if they list their properties but don’t end up finding a buyer. Under this iBuyer plan, ERA agrees to buy your home if it doesn’t sell within a certain timeframe**. When signing up for the plan, homeowners can choose either a timeline of 180 days with an absorption rate between one and nine months or 270 days with an absorption rate between 10 and 15 months.

For those who qualify, the Seller Security Plan assures that ERA will purchase their home and specifies for how much. It also empowers them with negotiating leverage when purchasing their next homes, since they already know for a certainty that their existing property will sell.

Combined with the expert guidance of an affiliated real estate agent, RealSure Sell and ERA Seller Security Plan both give sellers more selling options and greater flexibility. Compared to other iBuying options, these programs provide a greater opportunity for sellers to get maximum value for their properties and eliminate worries about finding their next dream home.


*Available in select markets only. Cash offers may be contingent upon property inspection. The RealSure program is not a mortgage product, and there is no guarantee that you will qualify for a mortgage loan. You are free to obtain a loan from any lender and are responsible for evaluating available loan products. Program is not affiliated with any real estate professional or lender. This is an advertisement and not a lending offer or an offer to purchase your home. See realsure.com/how-it-works for terms and conditions. ©2021 Home Partners Resources LLC. All rights reserved. REALSURE, the RealSure logo and SELL. BUY. EXHALE. are service marks of Home Partners Resources LLC.

*** Conditions and limitations apply; including but not limited to: seller and house must meet specific qualifications, and purchase price will be determined solely by ERA Franchise Systems LLC, based upon a discount of the home’s appraised value. Additionally, a second home must be purchased through a broker within 6 months of the close date of the SSP property designated by ERA Franchise Systems LLC. Call your local participating ERA professional to review details. Not available in all areas.

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