5 Things You Need to Know Before Selling Your Home This Fall

Based on insights from the National Association of Realtors, the most active house selling periods are typically during the spring and summer. What strategies can you use to effectively sell a home when autumn colors start dominating the landscape? Here are some fall home selling tips to elevate your property’s appeal and differentiate it from other listings in the market.

Boost First Impressions

When selling your home in the fall, you may have to work harder to boost curb appeal. Autumn leaves and debris can make a home seem relatively unkempt and shabby. Work hard to keep your yard and sidewalks clear of leaves, twigs and other outdoor debris. Enhance the visual appeal of your garden beds with fresh mulch, and make sure to rinse any dirt from your home’s exterior before it gets too cold. If snow comes early, maintain a clean and salted walkway, so prospective buyers can comfortably explore the outdoor space.

Prioritize Upkeep

As the seasons shift, buyers focus more on key indoor features. Before the cold sets in, make sure your boiler and other heating systems are working as they should. Often, homeowners aren’t aware of issues until they switch these units on with the arrival of colder weather. It certainly wouldn’t be ideal if the heating failed during a property showing on a chilly day.

Ensure Adequate Lighting

With autumn comes shorter daylight hours and longer shadows, which can add a dull, gloomy feel to a home. In this darker season, you can’t rely solely on natural light to showcase your property’s charm. Prior to any house showing, make sure all interior lights are switched on, including table and floor lamps. Since some viewings might extend past sunset, you should also check that your home’s exterior is well-lit. If needed, consider installing solar lights along the path leading to your house to add a touch of safety and visual charm.

Showcase Summer Photos

It’s wise to steer clear of marketing photos taken when the trees are bare and the lawn appears parched. You want prospective buyers to see your home at its absolute best, usually in the lush months of spring and summer. Marketing photos should ideally present your home amidst verdant lawns, leafy trees and blooming flower beds. Even if you’re selling in the fall, it’s beneficial for potential buyers to see the year-round beauty of your home.

Hold Your Ground

As a seller, you shouldn’t feel obliged to accept less than what your home is worth, even if you’re selling in the autumn season. Even during the fall, your listing can still attract multiple bids, though they may not always exceed your asking price. Some buyers might presume that they can go low because it’s later in the year. Such offers should only be considered if you urgently need to sell and can’t afford to wait. 

When selling during the fall and winter, it’s best to lean on an ERA-affiliated real estate agent. These experienced professionals bring years of market insight and promotional talent that can help you get the highest possible selling price for your home.

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